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Lightings are a key element in accentuating the best features of your home or space. The right amount of lighting or choice of lights is important to each space for its functionality, as well as creating the perfect ambience for your home.
With an array of lighting choices to choose from, you can get confused to what is best for your home. At Regal Lighting, our job is to be curate the best choice of lighting and advise you the best options for your space. Visit our showroom to tell us more about your needs. Alternatively, check out the following product categories to learn a little bit more about them 🙂

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  • 12.5A Power Supply (150W)

  • Detactable

    12W Detactable Round LED Downlight – DL1-105 SD

  • Detactable

    12W Detactable Square LED Downlight – DL1-105

  • 12W Round LED Downlight – DL2166

  • 12W Round/ Square 3 tone Dimmable LED Downlight with Glass Panel DL1003-2.4

  • 12W Round/ Square LED Downlight Pro-E

  • 12W Round/ Square LED Downlight with Glass Panel DL1002-12

  • 12W Round/Square 3 tone dimmable LED Downlight DL1001-2.4

  • 12W Ultrathin LED Downlight – DL2170

  • Detactable

    13W Detactable Square LED Downlight – DL2-2285

  • 18W Round LED Downlight – DL2167

  • 18W Round/ Square LED Downlight Pro-E