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Pendant Lights

To add a captivating visual element to your home lighting, pendant light is undoubtably the item of choice. It is the lighting item where you can make a style statement to complete your home decorations. Choosing pendant light is fun because there is an array of designs in the market, in all kinds of styles and designs such as industrial, classic, Scandinavian, eclectic, minimalist, modern or classic. With the vast number of choices in the market, you are sure to find something that fits your style or personality.

Pendant lights are commonly used for dining area, living area, office pantry areas or balconies.  They are extremely popular in restaurants and cafes. They are usually easy to maintain, most pendant light use E27 or E14 (lightbulbs) as their primary light source, whereas some uses build in LED light. When buying a pendant light for your dining table, it is important to choose one of the right size and style to complement your dining table and style, with unobstructed view when sitting down. The most popular dining table pendant light are those that comes in a set of 3, hung at staggering height. If you prefer something classier with a bit of glitter, opt for a chandelier or crystal lights. The choice are aplenty and make sure you have fun while picking out your pendant selection!

We provide pendant sourcing services for home and commercial use. For sourcing services, please email to sales@regallighting.com.sg and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • All that Glitters Pendant Light PD3013-GD50All that Glitters Pendant Light PD3013-GD50

    All that Glitters Pendant Light PD3013-GD50

  • Ceiling Light CL9089-BKGD6Ceiling Light CL9089-BKGD6
    New Arrival
    On Sale!

    Ceiling Light CL9089-BKGD6

    Original price was: $290.00.Current price is: $260.00.
  • CL3010-4MK Ceiling LightCL3010-4MK Ceiling Light
    New Arrival

    CL3010-4MK Ceiling Light

  • Cream Pendant with Wood PD3033-WDCream Pendant with Wood PD3033-WD
    New Arrival

    Cream Pendant with Wood PD3033-WD

  • Dream Pendant PD3047-MCDream Pendant PD3047-MC
    Sold Out
    New Arrival

    Dream Pendant PD3047-MC

  • Elisa Pendant PD3032-WHElisa Pendant PD3032-WH
    New Arrival

    Elisa Pendant PD3032-WH

  • Emerald Green Glass Pendant PD3067-GNEmerald Green Glass Pendant PD3067-GN
    New Arrival

    Emerald Green Glass Pendant PD3067-GN

  • Emma Pendant PD3056-WHEmma Pendant PD3056-WH
    Sold Out
    New Arrival

    Emma Pendant PD3056-WH

  • Floating Cottage Pendant PD3053-MCFloating Cottage Pendant PD3053-MC
    On Sale!

    Floating Cottage Pendant PD3053-MC

    Original price was: $288.00.Current price is: $199.00.
  • Hendy White Pendant PD3069-WHHendy White Pendant PD3069-WH
    New Arrival

    Hendy White Pendant PD3069-WH

  • Jae Pendant Set in Light Wood PD3100-WD3Jae Pendant Set in Light Wood PD3100-WD3

    Jae Pendant Set in Light Wood PD3100-WD3

  • Jupiter Glass Pendant PD3905Jupiter Glass Pendant PD3905

    Jupiter Glass Pendant PD3905

  • Kennedy Pendant Light PD3018Kennedy Pendant Light PD3018
    Sold Out
    New Arrival

    Kennedy Pendant Light PD3018

  • Lacy Woven Pendant Light PD3014-WD
    New Arrival

    Lacy Woven Pendant Light PD3014-WD

  • Lexi White Pendant in Gold Finishing PD3066-WHLexi White Pendant in Gold Finishing PD3066-WH
    New Arrival

    Lexi White Pendant in Gold Finishing PD3066-WH

  • Lionel Black Pendant PD3049-BKLionel Black Pendant PD3049-BK

    Lionel Black Pendant PD3049-BK

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